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“The Cardboard Head” wins Film of the Month and keeps touring the world!


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The animation short film “The Cardboard Head”, keeps touring the world in film festivals and we just had the great news that it was awarded “Film of the Month” by our good friends over at Shooting People! And the judge was no other that Mr. Ed Vaizey, the current UK Minister of Culture! Here’s what he had to say about our film: “Gentle and beautiful animated Portuguese polemic on free expression.”

Hope you keep those funds rolling Mr.Vaizey! Here’s a few festivals it’s been to, we’ll keep you posted on new screenings!

2011     CINEPORT – Festival de Cinema de Países de Língua Portuguesa, Brazil
2011     International Festival on Television Animation “Cartoons on the Bay”, Italy
2011     Belgrade Documentary and Short Film Festival , Serbia
2011     Curtas Sadinas, Portugal (Honourable Mention)
2011     Anima Mundi – International Animation Festival of Brazil, Brazil
2011     Market – Festival Internacional de Cine de Guadalajara, Mexico
2011     Centro Cultural Português de Luanda, Angola
2011     Lago Film Fest, Italy
2011     International Film Festival ERA NEW HORIZONS, Poland
2011     International Young Filmmakers Festival of Granada, Spain
2011     Open-Air Filmfest Weiterstadt, Germany
2011     ReAnimania Yerevan International Animation Film Festival, Armenia
2011     Fitas Na Rua, Portugal
2010     Bradford Animation Festival, United Kingdom
2010     anim’est International Animation Festival, Romania
2010     Shnit International Short Film Festival, Switzerland
2010     Animated Dreams Animation Film Festival, Estonia
2010     Encounters International Film Festival, United Kingdom
2010     Carte Blanche – Centre Pompidou Paris, France

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